About NWT Softball

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Incorporated in 1978, the NWT Amateur Softball Association, also known as Softball NWT, is the recognized Sport Governing Body for the sport of softball which includes Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch Softball within the Northwest Territories.

NWT Softball is a member of Softball Canada, Slo-Pitch National and the Western Canadian Softball Association.

The mission of the Association is to promote and develop softball at all levels, by providing leadership, programs and services to meet the needs of all Players, Coaches, Officials and  Administrators across the NWT.

Softball NWT is a non-government, registered non-profit organization.

The programs of Softball NWT are financed through contributions from the various  GNWT  sport and recreation programs, private sector sponsorship, community association affiliation and membership fees along with various fund raising programs.

The Association’s Board consists of men and women who volunteer their time and skills in the interest of softball. Six elected members represent the interest of the members of the Association. The elected members provide direction, guidance and support for the programs of the Association.