“I’ve never questioned an Ump’s integrity, just their eyesight”
Leo Durocher

Softball NWT would like to thank our dedicated Umpires from across the north for their continued support and dedication to our northern game. We have recently seen some great umpires retire or leave the north. With some big shoes to fill, our UIC has been very active in recent years to recruit, train and certify new adult and youth umpires. Our goal is to continue to support our current and new umpires by providing the appropriate training, resources, tools and development opportunities that will allow them to develop their skills and love of the game on and off of the diamond.

If you are interested in our youth umpire program or becoming an umpire (Fastball or Slo-pitch) be sure to check out the umpire resources and clinics page.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Umpire in Chief.

Umpire in Chief
Rob Johnson
[email protected]